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About Us

Landau’s Mission Statement

In 1938, Rudolph Landau began selling workman’s uniforms to service station and garage employees. Rudolph drove from garage to garage calling on customers. As sales grew, Rudolph was able to move the business out of his Model A Ford and into a retail store. Rudolph then shifted the retail store’s focus from work clothing to health care clothing. The original retail store was located in the heart of Memphis’ medical center. Rudolph built alliances with the Memphis hospitals so that the store serviced all of the hospital employee’s uniform needs. Rudolph was responsible for the selling, his wife Bessie took care of the books. In 1957, Rudolph died. Later in ’57, after Rudolph’s son Nat, graduated college, he came back to Memphis to help his mother run the business.

History of Landau

Nat’s vision was to take the business to another level-to become a manufacturer. Originally the manufacturing ‘division’ consisted of five seamstresses sewing in the basement of the retail store. The manufacturing ‘division’ started by sewing just a couple of basic labcoats. Slowly the business grew. As it grew, Nat was able to take greater risks by developing unique products. Over time, many of these were successful, and the Company was able to expand into its own manufacturing plant. By continually reinvesting in employees’ development and state of the art technology, the Company grew faster. By Nat’s setting a strong example of honesty, fairness, and hard work the business thrived. In the early 1980’s, Landau was the first manufacturer to introduce scrubs in fashion focused colors. Scrubs in a large variety of colors created a new market for the healthcare industry. In the late 1980’s, Landau was the first manufacturer to introduce print designs. Prints created a new market for the healthcare industry. The business continued to grow and Landau expanded its manufacturing facilities. Why have we grown? Landau believes in innovation. How have we grown? Landau builds long term relationships with our customers, employees, and suppliers based on a dedication to excellence. Landau can only grow if our employees, customers, and suppliers grow. We are very proud of our many associates, customers, and vendors who have been partners with us for more then 25 years. In 1992, a third generation of Landaus entered the family business: Bruce and Gregg. Nat, Bruce and Gregg, and more than 1600 Associates base their partnerships on a commitment to personal and professional integrity and excellent service. Based upon these core values, Landau believes that our joint future is bright.